When you started your business you had a dream. Your dream most likely was the vision of owning your own business and being independent from any employer. You would be the boss and you would control your own destiny. Has your dream been fulfilled or are you finding yourself short of what you expected?


Your business is an incredible accomplishment. You started it with a passion to do something bigger and better than just "a job". But as your days go by, the feeling of excitement for the possibilities fades as your focus turns to just keeping the business afloat. You find yourself juggling employee issues, unpredictable sales, and coming up with the resources to meet your customers' demands instead of enjoying the freedom you thought your business would bring.

CBay Advisory Group has been helping businesses like yours for more then fifteen years. Our goal is to make your original dream come true by using more than 35 years of running successful businesses. We have the experience and the proven results. Call or email us today for an initial no-cost consultation to see how we can help.