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About CBay Advisory Group

“Stacy and I have had a wonderful learning and growth experience with you by our side for the past 14 months. Part of that growth included bringing on two new associates and a Director of Operations to help chart the future path of Labbe Family Orthodontics. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support both professionally and personally. We not only gained a business advisor during this tenure; but we also gained a great personal friendship.”


--Dr. Stephen and Stacy Labbe, Labbe Family Orthodontic:

"Adam helped compile a business and growth plan which was instrumental in helping us secure a business loan and a much larger line of credit. He also helped with sales management and recruiting sales personnel. Adam understands the value of a website and he worked with our ad agency​​ to develop our new site. Because of Adam, we have a much stronger financial and sales foundation and have experienced rapid business growth".

--Pete Cerutti, Federal Resources:

"I have known Adam for over 10 years and since he became a consultant with our clinic over 5 years ago, we have doubled in size and generated ample income. Adam is very professional, kind and has the talent and financial know-how to send your business in the right directions. Unlike "coaches" and "consultants" Adam actually performs for me instead of telling me what I should be doing....who has time for that! He will hire, fire and review your employees, review your financials, help with marketing and structuring the company the way YOU want it".

--Dr. John DeMaio, DeMaio Family Chiropractic:

"Adam Santavicca has travelled with me on my journey as a small business owner. He has helped balance out my weaknesses and enabled me to capitalize on my strengths. And, when I have been determined to learn things about my business that do not come naturally to me, he has been a patient teacher".

--Kathy Floam-Greenspan, The Pomerantz Agency:

"CBay was a key part in developing my business. Adam Santavicca is quick to recognize your weaknesses and to provide not only guidance, but other business contacts to help make your business grow. For me, this included banking and finance, marketing, bookkeeping and accounting. Not only that, he was always available to help me see the forest through the trees. All of a sudden I realized I had a business that was doubling in receipts".

--John Waters, Traditional Builders:

"Colette and I used Adam's services to put together a presentation package for our Request for Funding to local banks. Adam's work was thorough, complete and very professional. We certainly could not have done it without Adam's help. Adam also established a personal relationship with each bank that we presented to so we knew, right up front, if there was a reasonable chance for successful funding. The end result? We got our funding".

--Ron & Colette McKie, Turning Point Hypnotherapy Strategies and Acupuncture, Inc.:

"I realize that of all the people I come in contact with, you are the one person who has helped me grow the most this year. Grow my knowledge of the business side and help me to look for opportunities around every corner.  Saying Thank You to you does not do it justice".

--Vernon Hustead, Hustead Landscape Architecture :