More on Services

On the SERVICES page, you were provided with a list of CBay's services. On this page we want to provide you with more detail on some of these services.

Business Plan - This is also referred to as a business blueprint or roadmap. Every business needs one to help the owner guide the company to the success level desired without making costly mistakes and pitfalls. It is a structured document.

Investors/Bankers Business Plan - this is similar to what is described above with the exception that the primary purpose is to obtain capital for the company. It has a larger importance on the financial health of the company to include financial history and forecasting the growth of the business. Also, justify why the capital is needed.

Exit Strategy - for most small businesses, the owner is the business. The owner has the direct relationships with customers and the only one that completely understands the business. Many small businesses have little value when the owner leaves. The exit plan prepares for the future sale of the company and allows the owner to receive the maximum value for the business.

Cash Flow - is the tracking of incoming and outgoing of cash in a specific period of time. Cash Flow and Net Income are not the same. As an example, payments due in a period but have not yet been paid are considered in cash flow but may not in net income. Projections allow you to forecast future cash for expenditures you may be planning in the future.

Business Valuation - professional valuations are required to understand the value of your business for some of these reasons: Buying or selling a company, merging a company with another, bringing in a partner, life insurance, divorce settlements, buy-sell agreements, estate planning, and raising capital.

Due Diligence - offers to purchase an asset are usually dependent on the results of due diligence analysis. This includes reviewing all financial records plus anything else deemed material to the sale. Sellers could also perform a due diligence analysis on the buyer.